Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Way to Truth

Truth. A common word. Something that is guaranteed when you talk to well brought up children. Something that is unlikely to come out when a politician speaks. That intangible thing everybody deserves to know. Truth, unlike morality, for me, is absolute. There is no such thing as relatively true. For when something is true, it is true whether you believe it or not. Of course, the fallacy of equivocation must not be committed when speaking about truth. A quote from a famous investigation and lawyer show years ago states: "Truth is relative, pick one that works." Well of course, the one that works is the only truth for a truth that doesn't work doesn't deserve to be called a truth.

In man's quest for this noble thing, he was able to develop methods, methods to acquire it. He used his senses. And It worked. Sugar is sweet because he tasted it. The rock is hard because he touched its mass of minerals. The sun is bright because his eyes hid itself from its blazing rays. Indeed, man's intellect was able to cope up with the demands the truth regarding tangible matters require.

Speaking about the rest of the things, what does man do to learn the truth about intangible matters? About his emotions? What can he do to know what happened before he can think? what lies ahead of him?

Well, he doesn't know how. In this matter, he is a lost sheep in the wilderness, waiting for a shepherd to rescue him. And that is what happened a couple of millenniums ago. Cunning people, equipped with their mambo jumbo, were able to use this gap to assure power and wealth for them. They are clever for one thing. They know that no one can disprove their claims for it is so called, supernatural, beyond the realms of nature. Therefore, they can say anything to explain the yet unexplainable like "Where did we come from?" and demand people to pay tithes in exchange of a prosperous life. they can make their own explanations if their prophecies fail. Simple excuses like, "The Sun changed his mind because you repented." can cause applause from the citizens of ancient civilizations. Indeed, what a cleverness they had. Furthermore, they can almost control the people similar to the way sour-graping politicians accuse political surveys nowadays, that is "conditioning the people." In return, royalties pay tribute to ensure peaceful kingdom. It is because they know if they won't please priests / shamans / prophets, they themselves can start a revolution by prophesying such and publicizing it to the masses.

That was some centuries ago. What about now? Look at our society. Of course, such powers of the religious sector has been watered down, but the essence of these events are still living with us today. Blue laws are still there. Churches are not taxed. Religious studies are still present in secular degree programs. What an immaturity the human species is undergoing.

Going back to my point, that is on Truth, how can you assure that you are being true in finding truth? Its very simple actually, if you can, use your senses, if you can't, then think about it! There is really no harm in thinking about the things we cannot grasp. I find it even harder for a reasonable person to not allow others to decide for their lives but have minds that are caged by dogmas, creeds and superstition, indoctrinated, conditioned and imposed on them by parents, elders and institutions. Perhaps it is not new if they'll tell us: "Our creeds and dogmas are true all the time, while those of science change all the time." They've just made a point and you will go back to their superstition! But if you are someone who thinks, you know for a fact that in the quest to arrive at truth, error is inevitable, changes in explanations occur and things must be tested to prove it thoroughly. Then you'll realize that explanations that are always constant are not necessarily the true ones. And if they are indeed the same all the time, you are really reasonable to doubt it. For if such a thing is true, there must be some sort of evidence about it. Then you'll hear another shot from them, "Don't be too arrogant to think about those you cannot grasp, it will be okay, God loves you, Have FAITH." and it sounds great for they will always say it when you are anxious about something. Please! Give me a break. In the first place, how did you come out with those things they know as truth? From scrolls of millenniums ago who used to compete with their counterparts in the ancient world, containing moral deficiencies, but ignored because of so called "correct interpretations"? Or from a reflection of a holy man thinking in his mind whether it is true or not but authenticated anyhow because of his "throne" in the religion? What is this faith you are talking about? They are even proud that it doesn't work the same way with reason, without telling us why so it doesn't.

Ordinary men like me, I tell you, there is no more reason for us to do the same mistakes our ancestors did. If you choose to stay with your old ways, go ahead. Be a slave to the institutions. Let us not forget however the freedom we experience in these days that our fathers did not enjoy. Let us take advantage of this freedom for our own good and for the good of all. Think! Like wishing, it is free. And you are not even taxed to do so.

Freethinking: The Way to Truth.